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OK so I'm trying to write this rec despite the Rich Text Editor being all weird (ok... when I started this post it was weird, now it doesn't work anymore). This is a Merlin/Arthur Modern AU written for [livejournal.com profile] paperlegends !

What You Mean to Me (Right Now), by [livejournal.com profile] wanderhomeagain ; NC-17 ; Five Parts ; 37k words
A/S : When Arthur Pendragon lost his leg his leg below the knee after an auto accident three years ago, he shut everyone out. Now with the help of his sister, some meddling kids friends, and a bastard of an ex-boyfriend who has the temerity to get off with someone else, Arthur begins to learn that he can let himself enjoy life in the company of others, especially the new pharmacist Gwen sent him to see.
This fic includes a lot of subject that are very close to my heart. The story is Arthur-centered, and it's great because it's not only about his relationship with Merlin, but also with every and any one of his friends. It deals pretty interestingly with how to bare a loss (of any kind), and how people tend to shut themselves from the other in such situations, and it only makes them more miserable. (from my experience, this is actually true of most "bad times", even with no loss attached). This is a story that takes you in and to a party of the universe you don't necessarely know about, and this is a wonderful, interesting, well written journey.


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