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Aug. 17th, 2011 12:01 am
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 OK, I'm doing some infidelities but not quite. It's a Arthur/Percival Modern AU with Arthur/Merlin Canon Era... Yeah right...

Layer Cake, by [ profile] cyus ; PG ; One-Shot ; 3600 words
A/S : Life's about cake and choices even when destiny peek-a-boos at a school fair.
It's a reincarnation fic wherein Arthur and Percival are a couple, and Arthur "recognizes" Merlin at the school fair of their (Percival and Arthur's) daughter. It's both fluffy (the Arthur/Percival kind of thing) and painful because the situation between Merlin and Arthur is awkward, and full of memories that don't really belong to them. This is a very beautiful fic, and Percival is wonderful in his love and his trust of Arthur, no matter what.

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To keep on going in the marvelous world of Merlin/Arthur Modern AUs, let's continue my holiday recs (because the big bangs so far are Canon Era related, so I need a psychological preparation to read them ^___^)

Merlin Emrys' Biggest Fan and a Sequel, by [ profile] magog_83 ; PG ; 2 Parts ; 5-6k words
A/S : Written for [ profile] kinkme_merlin  : ‘Arthur/Merlin. Merlin is a world-famous celebrity whom Arthur has been pining after for years. He finally has a chance to meet him (screening? convention? concert? up to you), and on a whim slips him a note with his hotel and room number. Merlin unexpectedly (for both of them) takes him up on his offer. Bonus points for reincarnation!fic and Merlin teasing Arthur about his crush.’ This is a little different from the prompt – but hopefully not too much!
I enjoyed this immensely, which tells you how good this fic is because I'm usually not a very good public for reincarnation fic. But this one is real fun. Arthur as a desperate fanboy is wonderful, Morgana as a 12 years old science geek is awesome and terribly believable, and Merlin is EVIL mouahaha! (meaning he finds thousand of ways of teasing Arthur)


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