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I updated my Merlin/Arthur Modern AU Rec List with 36 new fics. You can find them here:
Merlin/Arthur Modern AU Rec List A-H
Merlin/Arthur Modern AU Rec List I-O
Merlin/Arthur Modern AU Rec List P-Z

I also finally compiled my Merlin/Arthur Canon Era recs into a Merlin/Arthur Canon Era Rec List containing 27 fics. 

Enjoy reading and re-reading! And Happy New Year!

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I wanted to update my Modern AU Rec List but there's too much work to do so to give me some courage I started by finally compiling all the Merlin/Arthur Canon Era recs I did so far.

Here it is: Merlin/Arthur Canon Era and Canon Era AU Rec List

Hopefully, my Modern AU rec list should be updated soon ^^ I'll let you know <3

(Oh and, for all I'm angry at LJ, the new Rich Text Editor makes creating a Rec List so much easier!)
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I am totally seeking outside!POV fics. Like one of the Knights or Gwen or Morgana or Uther or someone else or any random OC seeing how Arthur and Merlin are totally sweet for each other.
Or something like that....

I'm thinking We Cannot Live Unbruised, but I'm also thinking about the interludes of Waiting for the world to mend (and if you're wondering why I didn't rec this fic yet, it's because it's only been finished recently on KMM I'm waiting a bit to see if it's gonna be de-anoned.) or the few voyeur!Gwaine fics around, or these fics I read where a servant notices thing and even The Knight's Discontent.

Where are they? ;_______________; 
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Okay let's have some fun.

At one point in the 13 episodes of Merlin S4, we see an Old!Morgana.

Can you find it?

(I have to admit I only noticed it because I knew it would be here)

[livejournal.com profile] venivincere found it ^____^

The answer... )
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Livejournal posted a new entry on [livejournal.com profile] news and it seems like they are working on fixing the mess they created as soon as possible.
Notice that the "Link" "Expand" and "Collapse"  links already re-appeared in the ugly new comment page. That is good news. Hopefully, subject lines and a senseful userpic selection system will follow.

I do not intend on leaving LJ because a lot of great people and communities are here and I don't like DW that much... I believe we'll all lose less time by adjusting to LJ (especially since it seems they're trying to move fast to fix the mess) than by moving everything to DW.
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First thing to do: check how your comments appear.
- If they're normal, don't do anything.
- If they're not, go to your "Customize Journal Style", verify it's in S2 style. [You can check if you have S1 or S2 at the bottom of the Theme bar on the left side here....]
If it is (it should be), go to "Customize your Style" and to "Disable customized comment pages" say "No". [It's for all accounts. Go here. Go down in the page to Presentation Basic Options and put "Disable customized comment pages for your journal" to "No"]
If it is not, you have to upgrade to S2 ^^"

If it doesn't work, it might be because you're in Basic account. Sadly this only works for Plus (and Paid) accounts [NOTE: Plus account is FREE!], so you'll have to upgrade. It only takes a few clicks but your LJ layout will most likely be lost.

NOTE: the change only applies for your own journal. The comment pages of the other journals/community you go to depend on their respective owner. I can only encourage you to ask them to make these changes.
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Here's the come-back of a fic I recced a while a go and I won't stop reccing. It's Merlin/Arthur Modern AU and there's a new sequel \o/

No Business Like Show Business by [livejournal.com profile] lady_ragnell  ; PG-13 ; One-Shot
A/S : In which Merlin is promoted from production intern to talent, is easily mortified, and has Post-It arguments with Arthur while the art department watches in glee. Also, there are gay dragons.
A wonderful, wonderful fic, where Merlin and Arthur are the voices of cartoon characters for a popular (gay friendly) tv show. This is a whole lot of fun. And there's also a sequel No People Like Show People where they discover fanfictions and fanarts, and this is really great !
Edit (Oct. 2011): There's new a new sequel: Get That Happy Felling
Edit 2 (Nov. 2011): another sequel has been added! It's called Stealing That Extra Bow and it's maybe the cutest part of this verse (is that possible?)
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I watched 4x6 yesterday and enjoyed it immensely but............ now that I think about it, there is a scene they did cut but was filmed in Pierrefonds by a fan:
What we should have seen and didn't... )


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