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I mostly post about fandom and all fandom related posts are unlocked. See sidebar and tags for the recs.

If you think we have common interests or we can have good relationships...
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I never watch fanvids. Like... never. It took four different persons on my flist to rec this before I went to see it... And guess what? I'm reccing it too! Arthur/Merlin Fanvid for you:

500 Miles, by [livejournal.com profile] suchaprince ; PG ; Music: 500 Miles covered by Alexander Rybak ; 3:36
This is some kind of amazingly true amazing vid about Arthur and Merlin's relationship. It can be taken as gen (as much as the show can be considered gen) or slashy depending on where your heart lays, but I think any fan of Merlin can appreciate it. The music is great (even if I'm not used to the cover) and the editing wonderful.
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It's of these recs I'm surprised not to find in my rec list every time I look at it, and then I don't rec it because I'm doing something or any oter bad reason. It's been camping in my REC folder for ages. It's a Arthur/Merlin Modern AU - Harry Potter Crossover.

Meeting the Minister, followed by A Ministerial Appointment, followed by Prime Minister's Questions, followed by A Typical Day at the Ministry, followed by Minister Merlin's Fail Safe Chat-Up Line, followed by A Ministerial Scandal, followed by Minister Merlin discovers the Joy of Text, by [livejournal.com profile] magog_83 ; PG ; 8 Parts so far ; around 22k words overall
A/S:  Written for this brilliant prompt on [livejournal.com profile] kinkme_merlinThe new Muggle Prime Minister meets the Minister for Magic.
In a way, I think that all the titles and the summary are comments enough to let you guess what this is all about. This is a wonderful wonderful piece of silliness and fluff. Merlin is adorable and clumsy and very ignorant of Muggles ways and still very powerful and I pity Hermione for having to deal with his antics! Arthur is uptight and serious and not-so-secretly head over hell his magical counterpart (you can excuse him, Merlin has the most adorable wooing techniques!). This fill is amazing and makes you laugh a smile and it's perfect for good and bad days.


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